Why is it important to learn another language

There are many different reasons why it is important to learn another language. However, I think that the two main reasons are to learn about another culture and to be able to communicate with different people.

First, as an individual who speaks two different languages, (Arabic , English and German). I think it is vital to learn another language as it allows for a better understanding of that culture.By putting the effort and time to learn another language, it opens more understanding and tolerance from that individual. It also opens a dialogue between two parties. For example, Oman has been communicating with the Germans since the1970s, and with that communication on a political level, it allows both countries to grow over the decades. Also, Oman has students who study in Germany, and the Germans have a University educate Omanis in the Sultanate of Oman. With this cultural exchange, Omanis can also travel to Germany for both medical and vacation purposes as it is one of the leading destinations for Omanis. Not only do they learn German, but the exchange of culture from both parties are mutual.

Why is it important to learn German?

Learning another language is always beneficial and gives one advantage for many opportunities that may arise. So, I think it is important to learn German as Oman tourism is increasing with many people who are from Germany. Furthermore, Oman’s relationship, both politically and economically, has increased over the years with the Germans. Omanis have been learning German in their public Educationsince 2013, and a few universities also offer students the opportunity to learn German. Additionally, it is also crucial that Omanis learn German as the country has seen an increase in German tourist in the country. With this language skill, it will allow for tourist to be able to communicate with Omanis in the tourism industry. If many Omanis learn the German language, it will allow those young people who are currently learning the language to communicate and build a stronger political and economic ties with the Germans as the common language will not be Arabic or English instead, it will be German. When business is being conducted, it allows for better communication and gives students the advantage to get a job with German companies and go to Germany to train and further develop their skills in whatever field it is without feeling left out. Last but not least, learning more than one language exercises the brain and keep the brain healthy.

Finally, Oman has a very close relationship with Germany, as many companies are established in the Sultanate, different German products are used in many infrastructures, with German influence in education, engineering, and tourism to name a few. Oman has established itself as a tourist destination for Germans, so learning the German language will be beneficial to Omanis to continue to build a solid foundation for future generation Omanis who will lead the country in the future.

Written by

Ahlam Al Balushi

German Teacher

Al Amal School for Girls10-12

South Al Batinah – Barka